Tuesday, February 1, 2011

no words

There have been no words. 
Last week, in a month where we are financially truly struggling, my computer died. Without warning. 
do they ever warn you? 
And I was first slightly optimistic (you could also call that denial)
Tried all the patient waiting tricks....no good. 
Called my trust wonderful apple guy
 he's who I call for anything/everything. 
(I cautiously don't like to bug him with incessant bombardment of inquiries but this was big)
and for the record, he never acts like I bug him, he's so patient.
He didn't sound as optimistic...in fact he said
not good 
I sobbed. and sobbed. 
"Not this month" I cried! 
not when so many other things are going wrong. 
not my precious connection with the world and with my blogs and pictures and with ....lalalalala.

2 days later, with my plea to save my photos PLEASE. 
see...I had had the thought to back up only the week before, using TimeMachine. 
only, I didn't think it had worked. and I hadn't wanted to bug him, by asking if I had done it wrong....

He called, with good and bad news.
Photos saved
"thank you Jesus...and Bob"
but my machine was done.

and gone were my fonts, my bookmarks, my downloads
but still I was thankful.

then, turns out when I handed over my hard drive
funny thing is, I had spend several days mourning
see you can't check your back up without a computer..

I was ever so thankful..but still a bit sad. 

He came by with my "stuff"
(he actually handed me my old hard drive! ha!)

I am grateful my photos are saved.
I am thankful for friends that rescued me by offering to let me use theres. 
I am content in knowing if all else failed
[which it didn't]
after a week of weariness 
finding things to be grateful for when all I wanted to do was throw a pity party worked. 

There are no words.


  1. boo flippin hoo - and that's not sarcastic. bummer.
    I pretended to lose my computer after I read your post. Just so I could be thankful when I 'found' it again. It didn't take long :)
    Here's to "it can only get better" -

  2. Ada----so sorry to hear about your loss. And yes I do consider it a loss of sorts. I know there are worse things, but we are dependent on our technology. :(