Saturday, February 19, 2011


I've been in a writing slump.
Not because I couldn't think of things to write about...
Does that happen to you? You think of things all through the day to search-google-blog- find...
I've been struggling why and how I blog.
What exactly am I about.
OH that's a big question.....
And I think mostly because the world of blogs is just so darn GOOD!
I mean really, don't you stumble on a new one & think-
SHE is so good! Love love love this blog & then get lost into the world of some strangers inspiration for countless minutes of the day...
I do.
So, then I think why do I blog?
Well. Because I like to take pictures? I mean LOVE to take pictures? Random moments captured & archiving for my family my children to reflect someday on their childhood...
Because I like to write? Well, this is true but mostly I like to document. Does that make sense? I have always loved the idea of journaling. I 've done it many times through my life mostly the down time when it has helped me sort out what's troubling me. But I like the looking back...I seem to be so distracted all the time (care taking of this brood) that documenting it  means I have perspective.
Because I have ideas and I want to share em? True. But then that takes time...all you bloggers that prep, take pictures, edit them, upload and write the most amazing tutorials, seriously? I'm just bogged down by the process. And that gets filed away into the "maybe some day" file.

So, here is is.
I like that the world in which I live is all that much closer because we find like mindedness through just sharing our day. Or ideas. Or life.
Ultimately that's what blogging is...and that connection, sharing somehow enriches each of us simply because.
Because each of us has something to offer, to share, Thank God.
So, whatever it is that I have to share, this is why & where I will....

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