Thursday, December 18, 2008

Going Green for Christmas!

Let's just get out there & say it...this year has been a doozy. However, that's not what goes in a Christmas letter, RIGHT! And when we get right down to it, despite the spite that 08 could bring, we are exceptionally blessed. 

So here's the wrap up....

Our kids have grown (this is nothing new but still seems to amaze all who see them). If your struggling to remember-the final score is 3 girls/2 boys = "Yes, we're done". (We get asked THAT ALOT)

Boston turned one in April at a round 26 lbs. but has since 
slowed down. He walked at 16 months, late but considering he had rolled over & learned to eat with a fork/spoon at the same time (13 mo.) who cares what's normal! He adds more to each of our lives that we could have ever predicted. He's slow on words too (ball, mama,
 dada, moo, gogo, thank you & signs please and more) but makes his wishes known just fine! We call him Chooch. 

Mackenzie turned 12 in Oct and loves all things with 4 legs, measured by "hands". Middle School transition has gone well, as shown by her 4.0 & playing volleyball and basketball. On top of riding 3 days a week. She's incredible & wonderful. 

Abbie is well....have you read Fancy Nancy books? 
They are practically a unauthorized biography!
 In fact that is what she was for Halloween &
managed to stay "in character" all day! She's a big 
help & loves what Spreckels life has to offer..
..friends, walking to school, riding bikes and the 
ever-lasting play date. She's sweet as pie!

Madeline fondly said like My-Yiyine.  She wakes first, fetches the paper & waits for the fun to begin. She dances and loves to play school although she doesn't like to go. On the lake, she's the first to plunge of the deck with the cutest cannonball you've ever imagined. Going to work with Daddy is her kinda day, although really anything with Daddy is. 

Parker big man on campus. He's in 4th grade, turning 10 in a few weeks & his big news has been braces. So far so good, can't wait to see that smile! He has been swimming this fall, and starts baseball in the spring. However, his new title of "Best Brother in the World"- is without a doubt his greatest quality. He adores & loves his lil bro, just like you'd expect from a boy that prayed for a year & half to get one. Its more precious that plutonium. 

That leaves T&A, no A&T...either way, we look at things as lessons learned & every day is a chance to begin again. God has been faithful and we are full of faith that 09 is gonna ROCK! 
A few other fun highlights are Todd's column in The Monterey Herald & 1645 River Road. Here's the links incase that intrigues you.

From each of the 7, we wish you a fantastic '09 & a truly Merry CHRISTmas. After all in the big picture aren't we all truly blessed? 

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Star is born....

This girl loves to much that dance was part of her teacher conference. Something like this "She's a joy in class but sometimes hard to pin down, she dances through the room when we're doing classwork." Humm, not a bad way to lead life, dance through it!

Makeup, quite possibly her favorite part was the makeup & dressing room....she was assigned a drawer to put her stuff in, she had blush, lip gloss and powder...she was lovin every minute of it. Which is good because she had rehearsals that lasted for HOURS!! 

She made a beautiful flower, in Nutcracker Sweets. She's always loved being on stage and now we know, a star was born.