Sunday, September 21, 2008

I've been known to say....

Don't wish a day away.... This is my advice when the perpetual "Mom, I can't wait until next"blah blah blah" so I can have "yada yada yada". UGH! 
But today I listened to dreaded songs... seriously dreaded songs, the ones that make a mom drop tears on the spot- "Stealing Cinderella" (never heard it? if you have a lil girl-warning DO NOT FIND IT) it will cause a flood. Rascal Flats "My Wish for You"-seriously, I lost it at a wedding 3 weeks ago watching the darling Cassie dance with her Daddy. 

Anyway, all this to say I love my girls, being the mom of 3 girls-each different-but still mine to lead & teach & cherish...jeez-O who thought I was qualified???? They are wonderful amazing people, i am thrilled to share my day with. & I know better than to Wish a Day Away but I got to thinkin about our annual trip to SF for the Nutcracker & I CAN'T WAIT!! (that may qualify as wish a day away;( 
So here are a couple pics from years past..   Mackenzie & I have been doing this since she was 3. She turns 12 in 3 weeks. Ooo, that was painful  
So it's a long tradition when the girls turned 3 they got to join the trip, of course last year was Madeline's first & being that Mackenzie had trained Abbie, it was Abbie's turn to train. They get beyond excited, we drive up, shop (Abbie's favorite part-Nordstrom shoe dept-Lord help us all), stay in a girl-y B&B, eat out, have cocoa before bed (Madeline's favorite part), wake up & walk down to breakfast in our robes, get dressed up, take a taxi (Kenzie's favorite part), go to the Nutcracker and BE GIRLY GIRLS . Truly this is the stuff I live for!
I'll try to follow my own advice, but I can't wait...