Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 2....time to try on being a Rockstar.

Day 2
Started something like this....wake up, wow-was yesterday a dream? NOPE, Rockstar get dressed, you've got another day to have FUN. Yeah!
Got dressed, not in momma-regulation jeans & T.
Headed out to Pebble, mission today was to take shots of my man in action. After all (well, after last year when I got zip) it was not an everyday thing to be the GO TO Guy to 2 Iron Chefs.
Indeed, mission accepted :)

He's so cool (JK-he's awesomely cool)

I loved this venue. What a fun idea, amazingly beautiful tables, set up INSIDE a tent with the commercial kitchens right there! If I could draw it for you, imagine a rectangle with an opening in the middle of one side- to the left & right of that are identical commercial kitchens with the rest of the room RIGHT up to those working kitchens, looks like the above photo. COOL, huh! And to the left Masaharu Morimoto Team & to right Michael Symon Team. BTW both Chefs were incredibly nice, ridiculously funny, and all around fan-freakin-tastic. It was a camera holding food lovin girls paradise :)

Back docks. Lots of bubbles in boxes. LOTS.
Warm up to working really hard ;)
When I got there my man was making sure thirst was not anyones issue. He's so hospitable that guy!
No those are not dinky "regular" size stellas, chef size. ;0
CHeeRS! See, hospitality is his name-being cool is his game.
DOn't ya just LOVE Morimoto's sandals?! I think he is so hysterical & he is quite the comedy act on top of AH.mazing food.
This was their menus....scrumptious.
Todd making sure everyone had everything & everyone they needed. Both Chefs brought members of their personal teams as well as several chefs volunteer their time & come out to work along side the masters.
Enough butter? KerryGOld that is...and OH so good...
This one is one of my favorites, I love how genuine everyone is. Truly the crazy thing about chefs, is they all GET each other. Its like they are their own kind. And when they get to do what they love but like this, not under serious pressure, with an audience & more than enough help- they are like kids on a playground. Its just fun. And something was obviously funny!
All of Morimoto's garnishes. Ready to go..
Says one Iron Chef to the other Iron Chef,
"Here try my pork buns."
Chef Michael Symon at work sautéing the most. amazing. gnocchi I'd ever let drip down my face as I happily, blissfully ate it. OH my gosh.
It was sautéed with ramps & foie gras butter. Yup.
TEAM WORK: Everyone does a part to build the plates, don't forget this is all in front of a huge room of peeps loving watching & being a part of this once in a lifetime Lunch.
Todd signing autographs....he asked "really?" she gushed, "OF COURSE". What a guy!
We've moved on from earlier libations. Afterall this is a wine pairing luncheon & they DO need to be certain it "works" with the if the 7 sommeliers in the room needed them to check ;)
He' so cute. and all mine- ;)
Morimoto's Scallops.

Who know what was funny this time, but really people- Chef Symon is one of the nicest guys & very talented. Not a stitch of ego in him. But when your a celebrity it doesn't mean your great, it just means your recognized. But he is great- both talent & guy.
Check out our upscale Riddel crystal tubs...JK but isn't that just how it works in the kitchen- Yes, I want a couple drops of the good stuff, no I didn't bring my own glass, lets make do. (I had one too :)
Iron Chef present from Joe's crab shack- a mallet & box of amazing looking claws-

Here' us & our new friend- Michael if anyone finds this & you read it- thank you. It was so much fun & I had a blast!!

who knows what they're scheming up this time...

After all that fun of taking photos, my good friend in town for the festivities was ready to join in the fun & I had to take him to one of our best treasures on the peninsula. Carmel Cheese Shop. The had cheese. OH SO MUCH cheese, amazing & they know about each and every one of the cheeses so you learn a ton too! Its only bettered by a glass in hand ( oh & its a wine shop too)...."CHEESE!"

Then we waited for Todd to find us, he was still working hard, but the after hours party had begun, for me this is LATE. Like is starts at 11pm. Whoa. But this was my rockstar weekend. Not clocks allowed. And Todd, who'd been working with Tyler Florence that day getting Tyler's prep done for saturday, was excited to introduce us. As big of a fan of TF as I am, I was even more excited to meet his darling wife! Tolan is just rad (does that date me?), and gorgeous & they have 2 darlin' babies & turns out she's just down to earth & great. We made it til L-ast Call"...and were totally stoked for 2-usually in bed by 10 mommas. Oh & we're both tall, as was her friend Joy, so it was extra fun to stand around & dance with tall girls :)

Don't we look like we do this all the time? Nope, but we're cute!
Chef Studs. Hebert Keller, Tyler Florence, Ming Tsai
Phew what a day!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


disclosure: I NEVER get to have this much time to myself or have THIS much fun. Just FYI

Opening Night of Pebble Beach Food & Wine

My chums for the night....yes we we're celebrating & are perfect 3 amigos!
so beautiful, so much to take in, so many wines to taste ;) so many people to cheers
tasted Schramsberg, Krug, Veuve, Dom, Roederer & Chandon. Hands down (yes I included Dom) Krug Grand Dame was unreal. SO good, I unbashfully (its a word, no) requested "another taste" after Dom. Thanks Krug Guy!
Something fun...Abalone. Raw. Which I'd never had, but my montra for the weekend was eat everything. All & all I'm an "eats everything kinda girl..." but for this, it is art, it is creative food at its best. Try it. Be surprised.

Our silly abalone-selves....Goof-balls.
She tried it, didn't like it. But most important- she tried it ! :) Such a good amiga~ seriously could throw her into anything & she'd step up to it!

Girly me. For a change :)
After party OH la la! Pebble Beach Food & Wine knows how to throw a party! Blue = Belevedere Vodka night....I stepped out & tried something new which was FANTASTIC! Moscow Mule...ever tried one? It's simple & ended up wonderful for the tummy. Vodka, Ginger Beer (real thing) Lime, and mint. Refreshing & after-party ish !!
FINALLY found my man. He's busy working all day all night but after 11:30 he made his way through the me.
OMGosh. Are we serious or what!! Our faces kill me! Totally fun but I am a granny driver & so obvious...S L O W. But guess what... I WON! The italian guy (long hair) was our "instructor" and totally laughed at us, we didn't care - TRY EVERYTHING!
Lovely ladies....Michelle Sarah & me ....Brunette Blonde Red. Quite a group.

Rock it CHEF TODD!

thank you Sarah & Chadwick for a fantastic amazing night! CHEERS!