Wednesday, May 5, 2010


disclosure: I NEVER get to have this much time to myself or have THIS much fun. Just FYI

Opening Night of Pebble Beach Food & Wine

My chums for the night....yes we we're celebrating & are perfect 3 amigos!
so beautiful, so much to take in, so many wines to taste ;) so many people to cheers
tasted Schramsberg, Krug, Veuve, Dom, Roederer & Chandon. Hands down (yes I included Dom) Krug Grand Dame was unreal. SO good, I unbashfully (its a word, no) requested "another taste" after Dom. Thanks Krug Guy!
Something fun...Abalone. Raw. Which I'd never had, but my montra for the weekend was eat everything. All & all I'm an "eats everything kinda girl..." but for this, it is art, it is creative food at its best. Try it. Be surprised.

Our silly abalone-selves....Goof-balls.
She tried it, didn't like it. But most important- she tried it ! :) Such a good amiga~ seriously could throw her into anything & she'd step up to it!

Girly me. For a change :)
After party OH la la! Pebble Beach Food & Wine knows how to throw a party! Blue = Belevedere Vodka night....I stepped out & tried something new which was FANTASTIC! Moscow Mule...ever tried one? It's simple & ended up wonderful for the tummy. Vodka, Ginger Beer (real thing) Lime, and mint. Refreshing & after-party ish !!
FINALLY found my man. He's busy working all day all night but after 11:30 he made his way through the me.
OMGosh. Are we serious or what!! Our faces kill me! Totally fun but I am a granny driver & so obvious...S L O W. But guess what... I WON! The italian guy (long hair) was our "instructor" and totally laughed at us, we didn't care - TRY EVERYTHING!
Lovely ladies....Michelle Sarah & me ....Brunette Blonde Red. Quite a group.

Rock it CHEF TODD!

thank you Sarah & Chadwick for a fantastic amazing night! CHEERS!

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  1. looks like such a fun party!! that is so awesome. your hubby is def a rockstar!