Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Mother's Day

So for starters, Mother's Day has never been my favorite holiday. It's what you call a non-holiday holiday being the busiest restaurant day of the year...I "celebrated" many (all up till last year) with the kids & just an ordinary day. Last year was wonderful, relaxing, Todd was off, we were at the lake with friends....this year Todd kicked it up NOTCHES! 
A great place down in Pismo, love to stay where families such as ours are accommodated. Then, a late night massage last night....Ahhhh! Casual morning, Boston wanted to be the first to wish me a Mommy greeting, sadly he choose 2:45 to do that. Oh well, nothing coffee can't fix. Toddy got me Havaianas. I love them, no... LOVE them.  Jeweled ones (they are so hard to find!) in my size (even harder to find) and 2! If you don't know what I am talking about, look at my feet any day of the week, I wear them everyday! Comfy :)
Then we packed up for plans unknown to myself, drove still slightly south, to Vons where the plans were unfolded... Groceries......Grover Beach ( a long stretch of beach you drive right along waters edge to whereEVER you want) Cool! Then he clears the decks, in this case the back of the trunk & all the luggage. Whips out a burner, hors d'oeuvres, chilled Chardonnay, and we have a Clam Bake! We played on the beach/dunes/sand for hours...took tons of fun pictures (one of Abbie that's well.....fantastic). I loved it, aside from being so relaxed and still a long ride home, what a perfect day. I can't thank you enough my love...

Friday, May 9, 2008

Ahhh...lake season has begun!

Couple Sundays ago we bailed on the house work & took off to the lake, leaving late, but arriving just in time to....ahhhh...launch. We've missed the time of year when the cooler is waiting in the kitchen to be used, kids wake up in pj's but immediately put on suits, when all we all want to do is a Lake Day. It was freezing in the water!!! But not for kids, not ours at least and wonderful 90 or so outside. Ahhh...lake season. Got out around 5pm, cleaned the boat, drank some water on our way home to FOG. Ahhh....such a fun day. I was glad I insisted that a family pic was taken on our first Lake Day. That way I can compare it when Oct rolls around & they've all grow (bought Mackenzie size 9 shoes today :0 ) No need to tell them to smile, they always are on Lake Days. Hope that starting early this year will give us all some more time on the water, together, just as Fish do...