Monday, April 21, 2008

Celebrating 1 !!!!!!!!

These are Boston's bookends.... Audrianna is April 17th & Gavin is April 19th! 
Isn't that cool! Gotta love built in pals, I love their mom's so they are gonna be pals! 

Adding pictures....

I just figured out how to add pictures, like everyone else has known for...well... awhile. For me this makes blogging all that more fun because photos are my favorite thing. 
All that to say, my baby turned 1 last friday. I can hardly believe it or stand it! He had a "Your are my Sunshine" birthday... because he is. I am so thankful for a few friends with his will be pals that also turned 1 & came to celebrate & love this large family of ours. He was outta sorts, which was confirmed at his checkup today, his first ear infection & some very sore gums! All & all, he completes our family and makes our family complete. We're so happy with 5 to love....