Sunday, February 7, 2010

Proud Momma

Yep, but also Scout Sunday. Today is also very special because all over the world, scouts are participating in the 100th Birthday of Boy Scouts, at places of faith-all different faiths-all over the world. We participated at St. Joseph's right here in Spreckels. Adorable walking to church, isn't it. Strolling really.

Here are all the boys, Tigers to Webelos-Standing Proud. Darling bunch aren't they!
Parker was asked to carry the Pack 60 Flag. He'd never attended mass before so we had to brush up on a bit. He couldn't take communion- but received a blessing from the priest.
Marching in.....Boy Scouts are:
  • Trustworthy,
  • Loyal,
  • Helpful,
  • Friendly,
  • Courteous,
  • Kind,
  • Obedient,
  • Cheerful,
  • Thrifty,
  • Brave,
  • Clean,
  • and Reverent.
  • what's not to love about that?!
I am so proud of Parker & I think he is proud of himself too.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

we're making "Balentines" again...

Here I am again, looking for something fun & creative using things (hopefully I already have) for Valentines! Last year we made these. I especially like the bee cards....
What to make this year?? Madeline wants to make puppets for everyone (yes, out of paper bags). Sounds fun. Abbie will be happy as long as it is cute & sweet.. But then what do you make for an 11 yr old boy?? It is his last ;( Booohooohoo! They just don't have fun parties in middle school. I was thinking something like "Your the ticket, Valentine". Lame? Cool, kinda? I need something that is NOT lovey-cutie & happen to have a spool of red tickets.....
I'll post the results, in the mean time-I need suggestions!
Happy February!!


well....just a note to say that if you followed me here from
HI! & thanks for following me & my silly reason to change my blog-name. I do have much to add-
ttfn (ta ta for now)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Roasted Butternut Squash Salad
this is what I made for dinner- YUM. And healthy & different. I LOVE arugula, and once again loved how it changed a dish that would have been nothing the same without it.

But then this is what I wanted to make. Found it on a cute blog - here called Cookie Mondays. Adorable. Don't you want to make these too??

Eat me..Drink me...FIND ME!

Hello Blog world. It is a strange world indeed. I in fact am a huge fan, but seems strange that we read/write to everyone or maybe no one! I started out with no IDEA what a "blog" was. Seriously, it was like 6 months after I heard of it before I found out what one was!! Lame, I know. Now I am a big big fan of many blogs... mostly about photography, decorating or craft ideas, food (of course food!) baking, families & children & did I mention photography?? :)
Either way, I am writing under a different name. I never liked fisherfamily7 after I started reading all these fun, creative, silly names. Like jellybeans & cherrios. Or the cottage nest. Or several other names for just random blog-ness. Anyway, after we had Boston I wrote this on his birth announcement
-Our hearts are full with five to love-

And I like it much better, hopefully enough to write more often ;)
find me there:


Piano, guitar, trumpet, cello, violin- children playing is music to my ears!

OH my sweet Madeline....
She had her first piano recital on Sunday. It was just lovely. I have to say even though it was long, and mostly just beginners- what a thing to celebrate. All of the children were proud, without any noticeable stage fright & waited patiently for their fellow performers (it was almost 1 1/2 hours!) WOW! She played "My Hobby Horse", "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", and "Yankee Doodle". Happy to say it was a slightly dressed up affair (too many of those for adults, hardly ever any for children these days...). My grandparents came & my mom....she got flowers-nothing like flowers to make a girl feel extra special :)

Madeline waiting to be called wait some more :)
Her fans: Kenzie, Daddy, Abbie, Great-grandma, Great Grandpa, Parker, Boston & Grandma. Mom is behind the camera -forgot to get a picture with my girl ;(

Madeline before her name was called. She was watching the other performers & sitting with her teacher.
Performing. Sweetness. Concentration. Posture. Told you it was lovely...
Big pink roses from a smiling girls Daddy...
Wow! Lots of flowers, she said "I feel so special, like a princess or something."

Teacher & Student. She is a wonderful teacher, patient, talented, firm but kind. Madeline wants to please her, what more could a mom ask for!?
Kisses for a sissy, "Good job Madeline" said in 2 year old talk.