Monday, February 1, 2010


Piano, guitar, trumpet, cello, violin- children playing is music to my ears!

OH my sweet Madeline....
She had her first piano recital on Sunday. It was just lovely. I have to say even though it was long, and mostly just beginners- what a thing to celebrate. All of the children were proud, without any noticeable stage fright & waited patiently for their fellow performers (it was almost 1 1/2 hours!) WOW! She played "My Hobby Horse", "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", and "Yankee Doodle". Happy to say it was a slightly dressed up affair (too many of those for adults, hardly ever any for children these days...). My grandparents came & my mom....she got flowers-nothing like flowers to make a girl feel extra special :)

Madeline waiting to be called wait some more :)
Her fans: Kenzie, Daddy, Abbie, Great-grandma, Great Grandpa, Parker, Boston & Grandma. Mom is behind the camera -forgot to get a picture with my girl ;(

Madeline before her name was called. She was watching the other performers & sitting with her teacher.
Performing. Sweetness. Concentration. Posture. Told you it was lovely...
Big pink roses from a smiling girls Daddy...
Wow! Lots of flowers, she said "I feel so special, like a princess or something."

Teacher & Student. She is a wonderful teacher, patient, talented, firm but kind. Madeline wants to please her, what more could a mom ask for!?
Kisses for a sissy, "Good job Madeline" said in 2 year old talk.

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