Monday, February 1, 2010

Eat me..Drink me...FIND ME!

Hello Blog world. It is a strange world indeed. I in fact am a huge fan, but seems strange that we read/write to everyone or maybe no one! I started out with no IDEA what a "blog" was. Seriously, it was like 6 months after I heard of it before I found out what one was!! Lame, I know. Now I am a big big fan of many blogs... mostly about photography, decorating or craft ideas, food (of course food!) baking, families & children & did I mention photography?? :)
Either way, I am writing under a different name. I never liked fisherfamily7 after I started reading all these fun, creative, silly names. Like jellybeans & cherrios. Or the cottage nest. Or several other names for just random blog-ness. Anyway, after we had Boston I wrote this on his birth announcement
-Our hearts are full with five to love-

And I like it much better, hopefully enough to write more often ;)
find me there:

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