Monday, February 23, 2009

Getting Crafty Around Here....

Valentine...won't you be mine??? 
OK, so we've been getting our "crafty on" in these parts...must be started by BEING COOPED UP! But really, I'll take the excuse to make somethin with the kids. So, here you go....
These are Madeline's.... She picked out Candy Braclets & how exactly is she suppose to write her name on a spot made for the name Mo?? So, we added a paper folded, stamped To: With Love From:    added an apple -cause it's cute! Stapled it on-Viola! 

Then there was Ms. Abbie's, wish I had saved one....Won't you BEE MINE ! So fun, it has lots of heart punches made into other things. The head/wings/stinger & heart (DUH) all made of hearts. Of course it's not complete without a oH So FUN treat for your classmates to cheer for!!! FUN DIP!

I especially love the lil eyes peering up at me from the bucket...."send me send me, won't you bee mine"!

Here's the lot of them, sad but true, Kenz didn't get to make any this year.... Junior Highers get no parties, no valentines, no nada. Next year we're gonna REBEL and make them anyway-we both decided it's just too :( not to!

Parker's were simple!! What every boy loves to make without a wimper-AIRPLANES! I remember when he first got into them (sorry rainforest!) Buckets of them! So, then crafty made the banner out of the plane with the valentine message------ A no-no at the airport, but fun for teachers "YOUR THE BOMB"!

Here's the loot, ready to go, chocolate treat wrapped for teachers, baskets for delivery, dress in red & know you will always Be Mine-love, Mom