Friday, March 26, 2010

Curious or creepy?

So let me be the first to say, I love my kiddos names. It took us months and months to even make a list of top 3 with each of our kids. It was a secret only the 2 of us shared, we didn't want anyone elses influence on our choice, so we never told until we announced :) We never settled on a name until we'd "met" them, looked and settled on who they looked like, its just us & how we did it.
So, last night I was flipping (aka drooling wishing turning slight shade of green with envy) at the PBKids Catalog. You know the one that gives us a slight case of the iwant-ies. And I started noticing a theme....MY KIDS NAMES! Nope not on all personalized stuff, the titles of collections! 4 outta 5 people!

-Mackenzie collection -
-Madeline Bedroom Collection-
- Parker Lampshade-
-Abigail Jewelry Box-

so...Kinda makes me curious, did we somehow just nail it on the current not popular but trendy jackpot? Or should I be creeped out that PBK has a voice recorder in my hospital room for "research". HA!

Just for Kelly's blog readers: I wrote this a while ago...and thought it was too perfect not to post.
But to fill in the blanks, our names are
Mackenzie Ayn
Parker Alan (after his dad's middle name)
Abigail(Abbie) Ada -(after mom's middle name, I didn't pick it daddy did;)
Madeline Ashlynn (daddy named her too)
Boston Andrew (his big brother picked his middle name, after all he prayed for him for 1 1/2 years!)

and if you see a pattern {A} when we were pregnant for the first time & could NOT narrow it down, we realized we both had A middle names & to help us started a tradition of using A as middle name
thats that.

Some all time favorites...

No reason for the order, just a few pictures that when I scroll through my iphoto library they make me pause, even for a few seconds sometimes minutes, pause & recall. I adore these pics for the person I miss who's grown & changed but also for the moment that flew by & wonder if I appreciated it enough.
Here in random order : some of my all time favorites.....

Boston- hardly sitting up only about 6 months of pure yummy-ness. UGH, I miss this like crazy. He was one for the record books. HUge blue eyes, sandy hair like a good Cali-baby and weight about 21 lbs!!!
Kenzie & Momma last summer on DC trip, being with just one of my loves and taking TIME the word I hardly ever achieve was lovely. Genetics crack me up because this is the one thing I was more excited to see with my very own eyes than ANYTHING else back East. I do declare this American saw her Declaration of Independence. And that other cute american girl was almost moved to tears over it too- crazy history-lovin gene.
Very random but funny, here is me when I was 17 I think....with my little sister. We have only a few pics of us together because she is 12 1/2 years younger & I only lived there occasionally. But I love it because even as a snapshot it is a really great photo. Lighting, texture, etc. Anyway, this one is for you Batey.
My son, gosh he's growing up. You know when you take a photo & you see your kids face but you see it all grown up? Scary. But this I saw, its like I could see how he would look in senior pics or even after- and I just think he's as handsome as can get.
Abbie- on the beach in Pismo, Mother's Day couple years ago.... she always acts goofy, posing etc for the camera. I love that it is just her looking & I can see HER. Just her. It just makes me gaze & wonder...
THis kid. Oh she's a packer- loves to pack, she dolled up in twirly dress, moved my adirondak into sun, got her parasol & a mag....she's just do dang sweet.
These are both all time favs- seriously wonderful wonderful cuteness. Boston was my only chubby baby & I loved it!!! Look at those eyes.

Celebrate First Day of Summer=Olallieberry Picking. So much fun, so great, perfect kick off, wonderful memory...
New Years Day we always walk on Carmel Beach together. We happened to go later this year than past & the shadows were long... Look at my boys big & small.
Parker wanted a boy so much, he prayed & prayed... he got a sister (again) and look at how how they are connecting, engaged, introducing. I love this tells of years to come of Brother Sister Love.
Yes, below is a duplicate but look at these 2 sets of eyes & faces together..dreamy, huh. These 2 look so much like their daddy & even though boy & girl, so much like eachother. Clearly not the same age but with 5 different faces in each of my kids-these 2 make me grin.