Friday, March 26, 2010

Curious or creepy?

So let me be the first to say, I love my kiddos names. It took us months and months to even make a list of top 3 with each of our kids. It was a secret only the 2 of us shared, we didn't want anyone elses influence on our choice, so we never told until we announced :) We never settled on a name until we'd "met" them, looked and settled on who they looked like, its just us & how we did it.
So, last night I was flipping (aka drooling wishing turning slight shade of green with envy) at the PBKids Catalog. You know the one that gives us a slight case of the iwant-ies. And I started noticing a theme....MY KIDS NAMES! Nope not on all personalized stuff, the titles of collections! 4 outta 5 people!

-Mackenzie collection -
-Madeline Bedroom Collection-
- Parker Lampshade-
-Abigail Jewelry Box-

so...Kinda makes me curious, did we somehow just nail it on the current not popular but trendy jackpot? Or should I be creeped out that PBK has a voice recorder in my hospital room for "research". HA!

Just for Kelly's blog readers: I wrote this a while ago...and thought it was too perfect not to post.
But to fill in the blanks, our names are
Mackenzie Ayn
Parker Alan (after his dad's middle name)
Abigail(Abbie) Ada -(after mom's middle name, I didn't pick it daddy did;)
Madeline Ashlynn (daddy named her too)
Boston Andrew (his big brother picked his middle name, after all he prayed for him for 1 1/2 years!)

and if you see a pattern {A} when we were pregnant for the first time & could NOT narrow it down, we realized we both had A middle names & to help us started a tradition of using A as middle name
thats that.


  1. That is too funy! It means you have great taste in names ;)

  2. That is too funny! Love all the names and it just means you have super cute trendy taste just like PB that place BTW so addicting....

    Summer :0)

  3. wow, that is funny! love your names!

  4. Here from Kelly's Korner--I have a Parker too =)