Thursday, March 19, 2009


whatda do when your best pal lives miles away?................


Madeline & Bella are exactly 12 days apart. Planned no, well not by us- divinely YES! These girls scamper off for hours of uninterupted play and oblivious to anyone else. They are sweet... like candy corn sweet. I love that. 

So here is their birthday compromise, neither could make each others party this year for the first time since 2-:(
We met in the middle, I surprise mine, she told hers. Smitten that's what they were- like peas in a pod seperated. 

She LOVED her present, it's a JO-JO, no it's a horse webkinz she quickly named Madeline (like I said sweet like candy). The bag contained girl-loot of all sorts, lip gloss, princess stamp, calendar (yes mom more for you to do :)
a lil purse, all Bella stuff

Madeline scored a princess tiara with earrings that I fix every 5 minutes (yes more for mom to do) She loves them, then the kicker of them all, a phone. No not just any phone, a pink, heart, princess, fancy phone that already has frequent flyer miles built up (in 3 days)

Irresistible that's what they are.........and they are 5.