Sunday, September 12, 2010

first dance. Fever may have hit....

first dance of the year.
first year of middle school.
first born son off to middle school.
AND then,
they had to add in that the theme was "Celebrity"..
I thought no biggie, we can just avoid that all together!
8th grade girls all getting ready at our house tell my 6th grade boy that he should go as JB- they say "you totally look like him".
I was wrong.
He SO went with what they said.


Parker & his bud Sam
OH boy!
Gorgeous & wonderful girls...and the promoters of this.
Lindsay, Kenzie & Marissa
The group. Aren't they adorable!??
the attitude is astounding.
He's "getting into character" I guess....
Fav shot of the night.
Some flash
High ISO
night sky
kids growing before my eyes..
reminds me to savor every. single. moment.

the girls faces tell it all...

few token 8th graders.
James. JB (Parker). Sam.
first 6th grade dance. wow.
I think this one looks the most like him.
Does it?
I'm not very knowledgeable of this Justin fellow...I think I'll need a quick 411.

Middle School Dances make you thankful. Not to be young.
But they had fun :)
BTW thanks a lot Danielle for starting this idea in the first place.

my wish.

I know. I'll get over it. Kinda.
My little man started preschool last Tuesday.
He has been ready for a while. Not me though.
I was not.
The last one, off to school.
He had his backpack (his bubba's from preschool)
and he's my buddy.
my baby.
my little man.
I have so many wishes for him....but each one of them means he'll grow up. each one.
and I'm not ready for that.
this day was hard enough.
can you stand that grin as Daddy walked him to the porch for his name tag? I can't get enough of it.
I held on tight. He was unusually quiet.
But he strolled in...hung up the pack in his cubby and headed outside.
checking it all out...tried a little of everything & smiled.
I had to go.
I didn't want to.
But it was so sweet to see him walk & grin & in my heart I know he doesn't get it but he made a big independent step to stay & play with his new friends...a step toward my wishes for him.

I couldn't wait to pick him up! He looked happy.
Guess he's going back...

if you know me. you know that first statement at the top is a nice idea. And totally not true.


vote for your favorite new shot.

then I'll tell you my favorite.