Friday, December 18, 2009


Today was absolutely cheerful! I love that :)
Last day before Christmas vacation, class parties, kids wore santa hats to school, Daddy made Christmas pudding for Mrs. Caldera class that just finished reading Charles Dickson A Christmas Carol, Mommy made Snowman Soup for 3rd grade party (Hot Cocoa w/ marshmallows) and teacher gifts were delivered. Cheerful indeed.
I must add that I had to get creative this year on teacher gifts. Not only are there several but I like to give practical gifts.....even if I am not spending much this year :(
Here's what I came up with ...

A little Christmas Spirit kit! Yes, I did know all my teacher celebrate Christmas. Also I know they get LOTS of stuff. So, stuff is not what they need.... I used bakery boxes (bought them for a birthday party from wholesale. I'll have extras for a LONG while!) Added a tag (as seen above on the package) to list the inside. I used Becky Higgins christmas card kit for a bunch of gift tags all tied together with a bow, a small stack of note cards with darling envelopes, a cute CD envelope with a few of our favorites to add to the MERRY, cute socks to get cozy & peppermint bark to sweeten the holiday!

A very Merry Christmas indeed.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Favorite thing of the whole year!

Is Christmas Cards!!!
That's why when I saw this fun blog link on Kelly's blog I had to "attend".
So, on with the card...

I think about the card, the picture, the design, the list, the return stamp, the envelopes, the "note", for about 6 months of the year! I must have designed about 8 cards this year...but it all came down to budget. :(
Not that I am unhappy with the card AT ALL. I love it, little vintage-y Christmas, has family photo this year (not just the kiddos) but I wish it was on card stock, not photo paper and I would have loved a different size. Anyway, I do adore what I "created" and am so so so so thrilled how much I have learned to do in photoshop this year! Last year this would have been impossible for me. If I find time, I'll add the return address stamp, I LOVE IT! And it has a story behind it too....

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

it is an honor....

I was honored to take several family portraits this "Christmas Card Season". I love it! When someone asked me what I wanted to do when I grow up, I never had an answer. It'll now.
I love taking pictures & could do it all day... never get paid (although it is nice to....= more equipment!) and
feel like a million bucks "when I get the shot".
So.... here are a few from some of the family sessions I did this season, hopefully I am not debuting anyone's CC picture- but I don't think anyone will see these anyway! HA!

First....Ditullio Family- It was important to me to capture their laughter & togetherness. They were great!

This is the Cardinale kids...
LOVE them!
Hello, gorgeous!
Mostly I hoped I could get them to relax & like getting their picture taken, with girls in middle school that is very important/hard to make them like pictures.
Obviously it worked & they warmed up to lots of "working with me".

JEPSON= 3 girls & one gorgeous mama!! They were easy, seriously. But I hoped & needed to be the photographer that made the awesome photographer/graphic artist/very artistic/visionary dad happy with what I shot too. Turns out it all came together....and the best part was swapping taking eachother's family pictures! Bonus.

I LOVE these girls profiles. Obviously they are related, but their profiles show their individuality. I love that.
Sunset, illuminated beachy hues. Gosh I love taking pictures!

Amazing love....

They grow fast, it is good to catch it while you can..

The whole family

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I adore this man. We've been "an item" for half our lives. Amazing. Since his birthday is coming up in a few days....I just wanted to share a little love & show off the pictures we had takes a couple weeks ago.
I knew we were meant to be long ago, when I didn't want another day, another marker in my life to go by without him by my side. And that's how its been since. I think he makes me a better person everyday, where I lack he picks up. I am so grateful to be married to my best friend (silver hair & all....:)