Friday, December 18, 2009


Today was absolutely cheerful! I love that :)
Last day before Christmas vacation, class parties, kids wore santa hats to school, Daddy made Christmas pudding for Mrs. Caldera class that just finished reading Charles Dickson A Christmas Carol, Mommy made Snowman Soup for 3rd grade party (Hot Cocoa w/ marshmallows) and teacher gifts were delivered. Cheerful indeed.
I must add that I had to get creative this year on teacher gifts. Not only are there several but I like to give practical gifts.....even if I am not spending much this year :(
Here's what I came up with ...

A little Christmas Spirit kit! Yes, I did know all my teacher celebrate Christmas. Also I know they get LOTS of stuff. So, stuff is not what they need.... I used bakery boxes (bought them for a birthday party from wholesale. I'll have extras for a LONG while!) Added a tag (as seen above on the package) to list the inside. I used Becky Higgins christmas card kit for a bunch of gift tags all tied together with a bow, a small stack of note cards with darling envelopes, a cute CD envelope with a few of our favorites to add to the MERRY, cute socks to get cozy & peppermint bark to sweeten the holiday!

A very Merry Christmas indeed.

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