Friday, May 9, 2008

Ahhh...lake season has begun!

Couple Sundays ago we bailed on the house work & took off to the lake, leaving late, but arriving just in time to....ahhhh...launch. We've missed the time of year when the cooler is waiting in the kitchen to be used, kids wake up in pj's but immediately put on suits, when all we all want to do is a Lake Day. It was freezing in the water!!! But not for kids, not ours at least and wonderful 90 or so outside. Ahhh...lake season. Got out around 5pm, cleaned the boat, drank some water on our way home to FOG. Ahhh....such a fun day. I was glad I insisted that a family pic was taken on our first Lake Day. That way I can compare it when Oct rolls around & they've all grow (bought Mackenzie size 9 shoes today :0 ) No need to tell them to smile, they always are on Lake Days. Hope that starting early this year will give us all some more time on the water, together, just as Fish do...

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