Saturday, February 26, 2011

historical. hysterical.

Today was historical. 
how could this happen? 
white flurry?

We live in a cozy little town just inland from the coast & still close to sea level despite the surrounding hills. 
Today. It snowed. 
And totally fun!!
it snowed in Carmel too. 
I have never heard this happen in all my life. 

actually saw the flurries start coming down & ran outside-grabbed my red rubber boots on the porch. 
My littles were out delivering girl scout cookies
and OH my gosh they were caught in a snow storm!!
[not a storm but hey]

Ran a couple blocks with my umbrella to scoop them up
and bring em home
to play in the fun. 
Yes, it was cold
[is that obvious? well, I was wearing flip flops and B was in shorts. so obvious or not, we're Californians. clueless.]

 red rubber boots. :) macys additional 75% off sale price=less than $7.
 THIS is totally foreign to us. wow. so glad he grabbed the camera while I ran off. love that. 
 "WHOA!" Little B in shorts. And classic-a mickey shirt. SO Californians.
 more shock & awe.
 proof the snow flakes are sticking. 
 I love this one. And I didn't take it. 

 trying to eat it. 

 see, snow storm. proof. 
 the wet & snowed on girl scouts, they just might be ready to be postwomen. 
Rain, sleet, snow won't keep these girls from delivery!! 
{notice the covered cookies, good}

 turns out snow storms turn us all into kids... wish it'd happen again. 

 letting the snow collect in the umbrella to get a good look
 we all went nuts. love it. 
 or dumped on
 our cottage roof with snow on the eaves. makes me grin.
 our neighbor came out to document too, but came over to our house because the kids are so cute! our neighborhood rocks. 
 even enough to make snowballs. 
its really only lasted a few minutes, but since its NEVER happened before, it will linger a bit longer. 

our fantastically historical snow day.