Monday, February 21, 2011

sand between our toes

a break in the weather.
lovely wonderful much needed rain....BUT
it keeps us indoors & in our little cottage the 7 of us tend to bump into eachother!!
And not complaining but last week
 (did you see Pebble Beach Pro -Am on TV? Gorgeous! you know, the one where Bill Murray FINALLY won!)
We'd had lovely chilly nights and sunshine days....til last Tuesday.
Anyway, kids are out of school & I'm thrillllllled to have them home & a break from routine. Movies, making dinner, baking, games. Yes, but still.
SO today after church, we headed to the store to grab things for an impromptu picnic. Funny, kids asked for salad. And 1 asked for salami & bread. T & I had salami, olives, apple, formage di affinois & hummus.

The lagoon and Carmel Beach is currently flowing out to sea. It only happens after large amounts of rain because so many wells feed off water from Carmel River. BUT today it was racing out! No trickle here....just fierce water rushing to meet a demanding sea. Amazing. And I had to stay right on top of my kids....because my goodness you don't for a second not respect the pacific.
The fun was looking through all the debris washed out by storm. Lots and lots of huge tree parts. Enough to make forts/lean-to' s galore. The best part was watching the kids, especially Boston totally intrigued by throwing sticks into the rushing water & watching as it sailed out to sea. So often this action is followed by "No, don't throw the stick/rock/whatever. Not here though, it was perfectly wonderfully boy haven to throw & dig & play with all the sticks he could get his hands on! Wonderful.

I didn't take pictures of it today because I wanted to relax. And honestly, I am on high alert when my kids are that close to very active waves (this is not usually the case), that & sand is the archenemy of cameras. I didn't need the stress. I was there to un-stress.

Something about the ocean, it has a natural way of soothing my soul...I love it. 2 Sundays ago, we drove by the same beach & it was FULL of seagulls. Thousands.....

But when we went over to "the quiet water" as Boston called it
I pulled out the camera & loved the landscape...
the mouth of a long river driven by storms to flow out to sea
 Looks different on this side, but if you compare the above pictures, this spot is on far left side.
Kids dragged over "sea snakes": Long kelp that looked like Indiana's whip!
 Charming Red Winged Black Birds nesting in the reeds
 Beyond them is a favorite place in Carmel. Mission Ranch which has sheep grazing & looks out at hills & ocean.
 well, I just had to. Just because.

 Momma & her sweet Abbie
 Kids jumping. Daddy had the camera & doesn't know to change settings ;) blrrrrrrr

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