Sunday, February 20, 2011


I read this post this morning from a blog I wholeheartedly love.
If you've read Julie's story.... you love her. Then you catch up on her honest & crazy approach to all things blogland; and you love her even more!

It got me thinking about how many people effected me when I look back who I know never knew they did. When I experienced grace just by observing even as a teenager, it stuck out. Parents showing kindness despite my background. Being the new kid again, someone offering me a desk to sit at in the unknown world of new school. The compliment "your children are wonderfully behaved"  offered by a total stranger when I'm dining out with my brood (most people steer clear of a mom with 5 kids. trust me.) Seriously, these things stick. 

All that said, offer it yourself. Encourage someone who's not getting along with their husband instead of adding to the drama. Compliment the mom who's trying with all her might & just needs to know she's doing something right. Make dinner, nothing fancy and feed a teenage soul that needed to see a loving mom & dad in action. It all counts. 

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