Sunday, February 20, 2011

heart. you.

this was our valentines love this year....
a few pink pancakes to send them off to school....although the nagging that followed because homework wasn't finished could have canceled out the love I tried to spread :(

 Boston's NO sugar allowed Valentines that mom made, not him. Oh well. 
Little felt heart clips for the girls...(earlier post) and bouncy balls for boys 
(let the record show, I went to Target to find a bunch. They only had little ones. What's so special bout that?! nothing. SO, we took our 3 bucks in quarters and got em out of the machine at Old Navy. Nope, not joking. I almost high-5'd myself at that genius act)
 THEN a talented mom who ignored the NO sugar warning made these too cute to eat CakePop Bears. Love love them...and I let him eat it. 
Is this the cutest. I {heart}him. Lots.

 This was the row of valentines we made. Whoa the classes are big this year! 28 kids in each class! Yikes. And the sweet love notes in polka dots I grabbed here. Thanks Good Gravy!

{if possible it's always nice to link back, that's blog lingo for a thank you note}

 Abbie's class. 
 She's on her way to spread the love....
 AND somehow I also got assigned healthy snack in 1st grade as well!! No baking for me this year:(
But I just couldn't see myself making fruit kabobs again or just serving granola bars. Pink came to mind...
and pink strawberry applesauce could be much more Valentine-Y when cinnamon hearts are sprinkled on top! There, "healthy" snack it is. :)

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  1. Great ideas!! Love them....were is the heart garland?? Too cute not to share! Valentines is so much fun, glad you took full advantage of the day of love and made it beautiful and memorable.