Thursday, December 16, 2010

get crafty; Heart Clip Valentines

no. It's still December. promise
We were talking the other day about how to quickly fulfill all the gifts for the season without breaking the bank. 
And this came up. 
it is a valentine idea. 
so, no I'm not getting ahead of myself, promise.
I just posted because someone wanted the 411 to alter to make gifts for Christmas for their girl scout troop. 

This is a step by step for Heart Clips I made this last Feb for my daughter's class. 
SO simple to make
quite cute I think....

 I did not use the temple for the hearts, I free handed by cutting red felt into small squares, folding in half & then cutting a heart like I did in elementary school
 ...allllll day lllllong......

 used the scraps or strips to cut small squares
put the squares inside the clips 
{bought those at a beauty supply store 100 clips for about 8 bucks!}

 used fabric tac glue
added the heart to the top, so the clip is in between 
the drying 2 pieces of felt
 turned them upside down to glue wouldn't leak on to my table ;)

sweet as pie. 
displayed here on two cutie girls....


  1. These are precious! I wish I had two cutie girls to make them for. Well, maybe I'll make one for me! Saw you on Tip Junkie.

  2. What are those white circle things sitting on the clips?