Tuesday, December 7, 2010

a while back. {not related to Christmas}

we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium
and even though we've been there so many times {like 100+}
for some reason this trip, it all was mesmerizing for the kids. 
I love that. 
the usual stuck in a corner to only see a curled up ball-o-octopus
was in a new mood. 
She decided to be entertaining!
because you can't use flash and it is small quarters with lots of peeps (with cell phone cameras, I mean honestly, surely not one of theirs they were pushing on me for turned out)
ew....that sounded 'tog snobby, sorry.
she was fabulous! 
And the pictures show the crazy neat-O creation she is
(yes, I know it was a she because they told us)

 so cool huh? She was moving along the glass....
 who gets to see this? crazy stuff. mesmerized kids. huge crowd. I love my camera.
 the eye of the beast. 

 Then she just dashed across the "scene", like she flew but obviously in water.

 AH mazing. Wild. Fantastic.

 Here they gave her a ball with food stuffed down a small hole in the ball. It is a challenge that evidentially they do to stimulate the creatures. She leaped up to grab it, then here she is "working" the ball (can't see it) 

guess the "working" out got to her... made her turn white spotted. 
Truly a fantastic & amazing 10 minutes of watching an octopus in a whole new light
(but without lights or flash)
splendid show!


  1. This is AMAZING. One of my favorite places to go still, and I must always see the octopus after the otters. She is always curled up and hiding! These pics made me so happy.

  2. I happen to L.O.V.E. octopuses. fascinating, inky creatures. How fun for you.
    I could sit and watch blackbirds fly for hours - same mesmerizing effect for me.