Tuesday, December 28, 2010

flash vs. no flash. it's no question.

great tips on some photography questions I get a LOT. 
what can I do to get better pictures. I found someone who agrees with me & here you go...


just found it today from one of my favorites...The Lettered Cottage. 

even though I don't claim to know much, this really is helpful for anyone because most snappers (snappin cameras) just turn on the camera & take what they get. sometimes, its just about capturing that moment. all good! really.
BUT if your trying to get something you see, you NEEEEED to turn off that flash. None of us look better under flash. Truly, and if you notice in low light situations it just makes the person or thing in front look whited out, an everything behind it dark. No good. 
and then
there's the problem of keeping up with the flash. As in, your trying to get that birthday candle blowing out an its all happening so fast and the flash won't keep up so you have bright white-out, followed by dark dark white out again. No good. 
Turn off your flash, steady yourself and snap. No need to worry about it blasting the person out or camera not keeping up. 
The other plus is, it looks a whole lot more like what your actually looking at!
here's a quick (as in I just looked thru my photo library & grabbed these)
of the difference
 fine. BUT not what I was really looking at, or very birthday wishes time.
that's better, the candles have life, she is not blasted white out & when she moved in to blow, she also came more in focus. 

No flash. 

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