Tuesday, January 4, 2011

post Christmas decor

Indeed the cleansing has begun.
Nope, not making one of those weird resolutions that includes a "cleanse".

BUT of course the stuff must come down
and go OUT
and as much as I love all the decorations & merry-ment. 
TRULY, I do. 
Getting it all out is just...cleansing! 
However, the cards are up??!
YES, please. 
I love love love my christmas cards and they will stay for a while past the Holidays...

 They circle my dining room 
(this is the "hub" of our little cottage) 
and are clipped up but no tape, no pokes, no piles.
Because I like to see each and every one smiling at us & don't want them with holes or stickyness because they all get put into a book each year. 

I've strung up natural twine, with little swag here & there
using clear push pins into my molding.
I know, shame. Oh well.
And then get a bunch of those smaller (not teeny) clothespins
and spray with adhesive & then glitter away! 
I do this into a box outside. 
It SMELLS. And I'm pretty sure
using logic of what I hear bout fumes
Its not so good for you. 
But it works. 
I love this brown/copper color...not at all red/green so I don't get sick of is so quick! 
it is sparkly & cheerful 
instead of simply holiday 
but that's just me. 

 The other part I re did was the mantle. 
It kinda made me sad taking it all down...
and I figured, 
why should I have to? 
After all it is still winter, right?
I left up and redid it for winter...
I had made those pompoms from the ever darling book
Farm Chicks Christmas
Moved over the JOY ornament
erased the Merry Christmas 
and voila! 
 Winter it is!
thanks for checking in....

I'd love a note if you've stopped by 


  1. your card banner is such a great idea! it looks so fun and festive.

  2. I have been trying to think of a great way to hang cards, thank you for this idea!!

    ps- Your card? Best card EVER, hands down. May keep it up all year!