Wednesday, January 5, 2011

i'm still editing away..but here are some favorites

no longer spoiling any surprises..
Here are a few pictures I love from portraits this year...

oh how I wish I had a picture of my man & I like this...magical.

 Serious sweetness with these 3. And OH the beauty
 the colors of them & this rich wooden door/stone is lovely
OH yes please, more love

 so much happiness happening on this face. amazing.
 charming, a little cautious & then
 the personality came out! Introducing spunk, cool & ball of fun.
 This family, oh the eyes....unbelieveable.
I could talk all day about this wonderful family & their unique beauty
but then just look at the parents.

 This is precious...
the road we as individual families walk...
how we all fit together & uniquely love...

it is always an honor to take pictures, thank you for giving me that honor.
i love it.

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  1. You are talented my friend! Never stop!!! It is your passion...enjoy it, every moment. When you come up for air....toss me some copies. heart ya