Monday, November 22, 2010

one of those talks.

I had to do it today. 
Breaking down & sharing 
"when I was a kid...." 
to prove my point. 

One of my "little blessings" 
had made a "remark" along with 
a sneer 
a chuckle
about someone
at school that is a bit strange
a bit different
a bit annoying
and has less than them. 

It sounded harmless. 
It truly wasn't a strong or hateful thing. 
it was enough. 
It ate at me for days...
I had started to talk about it with them 
and just couldn't formulate what I knew I needed to say.

That girl
(just like the one they made fun of)
was me. 

In school I surely was strange annoying and had less than most.

I moved almost every year 
I didn't get invited to birthday parties
when I did, it was an eye opener into 
"normal kids lives"
I had a job by 12.
I rode the city bus if I wanted to go to a friends house.
I cleaned houses on weekends to help out.
I was "that girl".

Tears rolled. 
But my explanation made my point. 
Each of us has the chance to make someone's day 
either bad

And I know their heart was changed even if just a bit
to have compassion for everyone around them
the strange
less cool
less fashionable.

Don't you agree we all have that opportunity everyday?
take it.

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