Tuesday, November 30, 2010

let me be the first to say...

{other than Costco of course, 
they said it in August :( but poo on them }

and then I say this today
 and I LOVE IT! So darling! And very "in" but who cares. 
 very cheerful, huh?! Love this. And love it even more because we get CAROLED! Oh that makes me filled with Christmas Glee like nothing else. 
Just imagine, home. 
Making dinner, cleaning up, folding laundry. 
A knock at the door, open & my yard is full of people singing me Christmas Carols, that's cheerful!
But this is my favorite. 
I'm thinking of something wonderful to do with them. 
Not sure yet. 
But I love them! 
found them here.
She gets the credit, I just did the "blog-lifting" 

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