Thursday, November 4, 2010

how we celebrated 14....

 Family dinner....few days early. Daddy was out of town for work on her actual birthday. 
But after all the activities of the day, we sat down & had dinner together. 
 Blessing she is, indeed.

 Sisters: Abbie made her a card. I love both these gems! And we got a special birthday cake, just for her...I always make em, but she had a special request for princess cake. 

 So, daddy is out of town and lots to do to make it special. 
Kenzie wanted to bring cupcakes for her class. 
{yes, she has 6 classes. But one of the teachers was cool with it!}
So night before we made Almond Cupcakes with Honey Frosting. OH YEAH.
 Sleeping beauty...
she woke up and daddy called her to wish her birthday love from far far away...
and his bed head is just to fun not to blog.
OH my lovey dovey-ness.

 she loves nothing for breakfast. I know, not healthy....but she does eat every morning. I make it easy for her with good healthy smoothies. And she does like eggs. And oatmeal. And fruit. 

 Our plan.
Take her & her best pals up to Valley Faire (good shopping ;)
long Friday night to shop and then dinner....just good ol girl time!
Here's the cute little goodies.
{bracelets. pack of gum. aviators.}
 Marisa Mackenzie Lindsay
OH gosh and this was her best little pal when they were just months old. 
I have a zillion pictures of these guys as toddlers.
And their first day of kindergarten.
Couple after. 
THEN nada. 
Til this...and he wanted a cupcake
a cupcake for a picture.
bribery at its best.
Aren't they darling!!!

 the girls. 
 Got there around 4:30, off they went. 
 one more cheesey picture before spending their wads!!
 little makeover at Nordstrom mac counter. YEah!
 Dinner at CPK because Kenzie can't get enough of their Thai Crunch Salad. 
 Can I just say I love these girls. They are sweet, fun, sport stars, and great friends.
 lots lots of stuff. mission accomplished.
I love you Kenzie, you are so my girl. 

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