Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cutest Couple 2010

doesn't this just make you swoon? 

dreamy isn't she? 

I love LOVE old pictures. 
And this darling couple just steal my heart...

Last month they celebrated 67 years married. 
67 years since this day!!
Cutest Couple 2010, right?
They are my grandparents...Alice & Weber. 
I have love notes he sent her back during the War. 
{he doesn't know that, he'd flip}
 but long ago-like when I was 15! My grandma in one of her getting rid of moods
[she's a neat freak, he's a pack rat]
She gave me a stack of old letters....
his nicknames for her
 how much they missed eachother
dreams of their life together when he was done with service. 
Before kids
before grand kids
before great-grandkids.
Just imagine for a second.....
 This is my grandmother's oldest brother & her sister who died at age 3.
I never knew this story. Ever. It kinda shocked me, see I have always loved true life stories. 
As a kid instead of reading me a book, I'd ask for stories to be told to me...
I learned a lot. 
{side note, I still prefer a biography over fiction any day!}
But I never knew where my mother got her name....Doris.
This little chub of love would have been my great-aunt. 
Thank heaven there's a Heaven. And I'll meet her...
 stinkin cute.
me : "Grandpa, you were so CUTE!"
grandpa : "what's this were business?? I still am!"
Hands down cutest couple seen in July 1944.

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