Monday, October 25, 2010

pumpkin patch with my little pumpkin.

 I love that we get to wander through the lettuce, beet, turnip and green bean rows to get to our pumpkins.
This has to be one of the blessings of living where we do.
we road the hay bale tractor over to the patch... did I mention it was the same day as my #1 birthday & daddy was outta town & I was running solo all day? And about 15 minutes behind on everything. So we missed a little bit of the fun :(
 off they ran to find their pumpkin... don't you just love that! they hop & jump over the vines...
this is why we love pumpkin patch pictures. well. pictures. 
my camera took a furlough day I guess. so bummed. 
but THEN
I remembered I have my handy dandy iphone equipt with hipsmatic. I love love love this app!!

then we suddenly had to go. can you guess why?

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