Sunday, October 17, 2010

Feeling Fall....

It has finally started. 
I am usually more on the "ball" but I just didn't feel it yet. 
I know, weird.
But I finally feel & am in love with Fall.....
oh, the cozy time of year!
so here is a bit of inside Fall decor

I swiped the chalkboard from my chef. 
He had it at The Kitchen from restaurant decor...

 I thought it would be too big, but I actually like it's "over size ness". 
Added a very cool oak twig wreath a friend gave me :)
 then I drew on it with chalk
and a spider creeping down....but not creepy.
 Little orange....not too much so its Fall ish not Goulish.
 Bit of tulle hung on chandelier and a kiddos craft from school 
Sparkly Spider!
 Boo! Made from 3 pieces of paper into pennant shapes

 love these orange snacks....
Good Ol Popcorn Balls!
 Pedestal with pumpkin & last years Pottery Barn "F" Christmas ornament with cupcake papers from Michaels & Paper Tissue banner just bunched together under my cloche. 

last little bit. We have such a small house, there is hardly anywhere with room for "just because" surface
But I made this spot look like a dining room buffet I like in PB catalog...
find inspiration anywhere & make it with what you have
btw the pic of B isn't suppose to be there. 
its placed there because it fell off the wall & I don't want it distressed "on accident".
Happy Fall!!

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  1. i think your space looks great. i love the way you used the tulle. so clever! and i big puffy heart your chalkboard. it's fantastic!