Wednesday, October 13, 2010

calendar debacle.

I may need professional help on this one. 
It all started with the Sierra Club calendar in high school my step mother got me. 
I loved it & used it to keep me organized. Everything was in there!! 
except addresses. 
had to have another place for that....
My best friend on the other-hand had organizer after organizer after organizer. REally!!
I honestly sat her down one day & told her she had a problem. 
She'd get as far as filling out the "emergency information sheet" & 1 week full...then that was the end. 
(like +85x!)
I on the other hand stuck to my week by week calendar. It had lists in the back, kept track of  "you know" and
homework etc. 
Then I moved on to Mary Engelbreit (sp?) loved those. Kinda cute, now I was married, very fun. 
Stayed true to what worked. 
Added in Dr. appts, milestones, hubby work schedule (obscene back then, still is) and who to add to the ever growing CCL 
(Christmas Card List)
Then all of a sudden I needed a wall calendar, but oh I need one to carry with me too..ugh! I couldn't break my habit so I added in a wall calendar not instead of week by week. 
Great for me & as family grew so did need to color coordinate per person, label ages on birthdays so not to embarrass oneself in getting a 2 yr old gift for 4 yr old. Etc. 
System still working, one on wall- sit down before end of year & transfer all necessary info to new year. Then sync wall & week by week calendar that stays with me and only gets written in pencil. OK. 
Did I mention I have used the same week calendar for a decade? My friend Laura (SUPER ORGAniZer!) gave me one & it made my heart sing...
suddenly with no warning 2 weren't keeping me on my toes. There was no where for addresses I needed constantly & whos info was trapped at home in a drawer. 
I tried to keep lists in it, forgotten in the car, etc etc. 
It has it all, it does it all, it doesn't get left in car, it won't accidently put brother in laws birthday on the wrong day for 3 years in a row, it is handy dandy. 
but alas. 
I am devoted to paper. 
(no, really I am. I just can't let go)
So last year I screwed up. I had both wall & week by week & then added in iphone. 
Organization overload.
So this year I did what anyone in my shoes would do. 
Until I had to order my week by week well after the new year. And I let go the wall calendar. 
guess what I've been missing in my life. 
my wall calendar! The visual helped every single day. Guess what doesn't get synced as often as I should, my in iphone w/ week by week. But my lists are there. My addresses are in iphone. My reminders are in my iphone. My kids can't look for themselves. Im a wreck.

So...I already ordered my wall calendar. I can hardly WAIT. 
I've missed it. 
But what to do about my week by week???
I'll miss it?.
I won't need it?.
These things honestly keep me up. Its a commitment for a year!!!
And as you can see, its been over 20 years, I'm kinda dedicated. 
Did I mention I've also saved all those calendars? 
They really are something to behold, 
or at least roll my eyes at myself for thinking I was so busy, what did I know!!

maybe I should pull em out just to peek back at myself?
do ya think??
wanta see??

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