Wednesday, October 6, 2010

handwritten words.

I highly recommend adding a bit of hand writing into your home. It is something that is so individual & shows growth in your child as well. And as it seems, gives them a sense of pride. 
its darn cute.

Kenzie made this recipe, Cheese Danish from Back to Basics
(you have heard I'm a Ina fan ;)
she decided after making it, 
to make adjustments to the recipe. 
These notes are inside the book...for whomever makes it next.

Abbie's words of love to her momma...
So sweet & so Abbie. She LOVES to write notes to me & I hope she never stops. This one was so cute, folded in half with one side writen & one not. It seemed artfull, so I put it behind glass, just to love her back a bit. 


Behind this book on the counter is a list of each of the kids 
First Day of School Lunch Wish's
on first day of school their lunch is anything they wish
(somehow they always are quite sensible!)

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  1. Where's B's?? How beautiful...So fun to look back and remember :)