Friday, October 15, 2010

follow up

well. Its been funny thinking about how I will merge my need for consistency & streamline. 
I went out & look at my stack of calendars. 
silly me put some inside my "tax boxes" as if IRS would be convinced of our honesty by looking through my calendar archives. 
I'm sure instead they'd laugh in my face. 
but here you go.
feel free to laugh at your screen.
 a stack. OH my. But if you wonder why I kept em......
 honestly. That was 1994. And I had forgotten we had to change the day of our wedding... 
ol la la, night at the marriott. ;}
 one of my busiest months. check out '05.....
  a note. from '92!!! we had been dating for couple months....and yet I knew to save a little (probably huge back then!) love note. See, not wondering why I have these saved so much now?!
Oh and this marks today. 14 years ago. My baby girl was born. Tuesday morning 5:54 am after 2 days labor. 

Am I crazy? 
yes, thank goodness.

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  1. This is so cool to see. I'm sure you're happy you saved them!!