Thursday, August 26, 2010

Road home...

the road home.
This is mine, its a 1 mile stretch from hi-way to town.
Fields of lettuce, strawberries, celery greet you on both sides
It is lined with walnut trees
timeless walnut tree that have seen a lot.
my road home greets me & my family knowing soon we will be back where we belong.

Long ago when my MyLove and I first started going to church in Monterey we met on Thursday nights in a family's home for bible study and couple group. We had 1 little baby- they had 2 boys and hoped for a girl. They had adopted one son & thru much effort was able to birth one also. But they knew they'd need to adopt a girl since having another on their own wouldn't happen. Great story. Great family. Nice home.
many years have pasted, we still see them from time to time.
they have a middle school daughter.
I've seen their son picture at Boy Scout office wall on Eagle's Nest.
seemingly they've done well.

The other day I was leaving the mall from back
to school shopping and saw, as usual & somewhat annoying to me, another "beggar" waiting on corner for handouts
for money
for who knows what
it erks me
not a lot
just a little at the audacity that our hard work should gift their habit.
what do I know but its honest.
My heart stopped.
I knew his face.
I'd been in his home.
It was their son.
Begging for money, for who knows what.
All roads are not the right path...
Pray for him.
God knows his name & wants to lead him back...

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  1. Aida, what a lovely find-- your blog. I went to this bible study with you and Todd, and quite a few other lovely couples. I remember the "babies", and now they are all grown up! I just wanted to say hi. I started a food blog, to share my love of learning to expand my recipe repertoire and food photography. My skills are nowhere close to Todd's, but my husband is my #1 fan. Great job!