Friday, August 20, 2010

Dear Pioneer Woman,

You rock. In the big sense of, you helped change someone in the world's day today. So from way out in coastal California-thank you. I juggle 5 kids & a man that needs my ever loving attention. I adore just about everything about that "blog thing you do"....why? Because it makes me relate to someone and kinda mentors me through that place of "why didn't anyone ever teach me how to do this thing called mother/wife/household". I've loved photography for as long as I can remember but only now as a 36 year old did I ever realize I could have focused on that in one ever told me. And it didn't fall into the lawyer, nurse, teacher, accountant, engineer category so I thought it was like majoring in ceramics. Bummer. The good news is, blogs have changed my path & given me that education I missed out on. I have learned so so much from you (and other blogs as well!) and from the depths of my heart-thank you. It its the thing that makes me eager & focus on something I enjoy, which I rarely allow myself to give time to. A crew of 5 will do that to ya. But when something "clicks" no pun intended, my heart soars!! You've given me those moments & I thought you should know.
I also love to cook, well, to be honest, I love to eat. Which means I married right, MyLove is a professional Chef & we love being in the kitchen together. I am always asked," How do you cook for him?? Aren't you nervous". To that I say, nope, if he doesn't like it-he's a chef-he can cook for himself! Besides after 18 years together, we're pretty tight. Biggest bonus, because the profession has a wack schedule, is I've never had to cook a holiday meal & if I am craving something, ANYTHING, I can ask for it. Kinda like a kitchen genie.
So Mrs. Ree, thanks. I adore your candidness & honesty. Your sharing & perspective & skills are appreciated.
Have a splendid in case no one has said it today, you rock.
Ada in Coastal Cali

PS really sorry about your iphone. truly. Dangit said on your behalf. That's Steve J, wouldn't you think he'd use bullet proof glass or something??

PSS yes I realize you get loads of emails/fan mail/introductions to strangers & don't expect a response. still cool "talking" to you ;)

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