Thursday, August 19, 2010

kinda quiet around here...

I admit. I'm ho hum...
I guess its fine. Of course I will get back in my groove...I always do.
They are back to school.
like everything in life
I try to apply
The Pollyanna Approach
in everything that comes into your life
find something to be glad about...

my glad part is they love it.
We have fantastic schools
& really neat teachers
& the miss their friends
& I think deep down they like getting back to the routine. Deep. Down.
Adore. My 1st grader
Honestly, this should be an advertisement for freckles. Sweet 4th grader.

my 6th grader starting middle school & leaving me with a lump in my throat...

Eek. I've heard it all week, "what happened to Parker? He's SO handsome"... from all the moms!! Best part of this kid is his heart. He's spent his first 3 days of school not hanging out with his pals & buds he missed all summer, nope, a new kid. Just because he wants that kid to like school & not have to eat alone at lunch or be sad.
Yes, he's handsome & thensome.
Good gravy its all down hill. Is she going off to college? Nope this beauty is starting 8th grade. Last year, big kid on campus, thinking about what she wants in life & lots of big stuff. I'm already missing her...And she's stoked having little bro at school with her. Makes a momma swell with tears, I mean pride.

Madeline & Paige in class first day
Tradition. Only a few are missing, grown & off to BVMS...and B is standing in. That kid is something else.
Proud Daddy & Momma.
feels like I just took this pic with Kenzie a minute ago...
(2 years ago...:(

And today...what a change, eh?
Our fearless Chief. Mr. T is awesome! And always out front waiting to greet the kids

now I'm off to find a life.

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