Monday, August 23, 2010

Bragging rights.

this kid can ride.
Yes, she has a trainer & has been at it for a few years....but she has a gift. And somehow it shines on the back of this beast.
It all happened after about 2-3 years of her begging for horse lessons. First of all, where? And then with whom? And the biggest question, how much?
I waited til the request didn't just dissolve & go away with boredom in didn't. And then I started asking around, which lead to a summer camp. After a week of "camp" my shy, slightly unengaged, good student but cautious & with rare glimpses of self-confidence peaking through changed.
Like, overnight.
We went to watch her & she was so proud, she didn't ask if she was "doing ok" or "should I do____" or wait for someone else to lead the way. Nope, she was independent. Strong. In control of something far bigger than her & ready to lead. She listened intently to direction & then, just did it. And has continued to blow our socks off since...
I have braggin rights you see, she's an amazing kid.

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