Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sunday. Wayfare Tavern Pre-Opening..

Gorgeous, right?
Looks like its been there forever, cause it has :)
Corner of Sacramento St.
Great night ahead: Only request from Tyler was to bring a bottle of wine to add to an auction item for San Francisco Food Bank fundraiser. Much obliged.

Upon entering the doors....very "Tavern" but lots of warmth....love the sunflowers too. They pop & look lovely with the dark woods & white stainless of the kitchen. And then they greeted us with bubbles-extra lovely.

Met our friend Joy who showed us around...there are 3 floors! And a billard room (aka Man Cave) on the 2nd. Lots to see & GREAT wine on the 3rd...
See?! 3rd floor: amazing room, black & white movies from SF on back wall, a long table on one side, nice "lounge" area on other side.

I loved every bit of the decor, including these "old" but new pitchers & beverage dispenser

Todd & I.....Bubbles & Syrah
Standing at the top of the stairs on the 2nd floor...quite a crowd that night. Don'tcha just LOVE the time period wallpaper? I had to reach out & touch it-fab texture!!
View of the kitchen & crowd from the stairs. Awesome.
Tyler coming out of the kitchen to greet all his friends.
Todd & I finally descending from the upstairs....now to find some FOOD. And Tolan!
Found the ever lovely Tolan Florence, so glad to celebrate the opening with them. Not sure what was being discussed, but it looks serious ;)
Back in the kitchen, crowds were filling every square inch of the restaurant, food was flying out of the kitchen, servers gladly exchanging empty for full stems, it was great.
Todd & Joy found a corner to sample the Oyster Rockefeller.
TF & TF checking out the kitchen-cozy, but every efficient & I love love the white subway tiles.
{I think Todd's goblet is the same size as Tyler's head, wierd.}
Burger. To. DIE. For. Seriously, the blend of meats is perfect balance & flavor. Drips down my hand-YUM.
Todd getting advice from Tyler's Dad...Winston Florence. No doubt it was good advice ;)

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