Tuesday, June 15, 2010

add some color before the red white & blue...

...been reading about how everyone is decorating for summer & adding color. I like color. I like comforting or warm colors...but you rarely find bright colors in my house. Its a cozy small house & maybe that's why. UNTIL Fourth of July comes around, which is, in case you'd forgotten {like me} in just a few weeks. However, haven't gotten down the bins of red white & blue & since B.H. once again is inspiring my "quick try this" & add color, thoughts I thought I'd share todays centerpiece.
It'll be gone soon.
Its edible & in this house that means it's soon consumed.

Easy? Yes. Color, yup! Summery? I think so. And widely available around the states...
So, until the red white & blue-

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