Saturday, June 12, 2010

Olallieberry Picking for first day of summer...

Oh how I love summer....I look forward to the days even more as a mom than I ever remember as a kid! No homework {when you have this many kids doing homework, its a chore!}, not the same routine every day, we get to have adventures & really I just LOVE having them all back home with momma :)
Here we are, we have a U-Pick patch about 35 minutes from where we live in Watsonville, CA. They have apples in the fall, strawberries & blackberries in the summer & in June- OLALLIEBERRIES! I love em, the perfect berry. And it makes a fun first day short day trip. We invited a family to join us this year...3 girls extra! Oh Parker :) Always has girls around him!
Can you get enough of those blue skies?? Oh I love it!!! Weather was 75 & no wind. You bring your own buckets & they weigh them before you fill them, then deduct that much at the end. Great! Then they "assigned" us a row...we went through 4 rows!!
Find the black ones (really just dark dark red)....they are sweet & plump & oh so ready to make a crisp, jam or hand-pie YUM. Kenzie was a great help to the little ones that "couldn't reach"... she's so patient with little ones. And she had a big pail of her own to fill!
Abbie being careful to get "good ones" for her pail
Parker shows a big & dark find-I love that kid, he has a great smile.
Isn't it just the cutest? All the kids being berry pickers on a warm June day? I need to look at these in feb when its dreary!!
Really? An activity for all ages!! That's too good to be true. Boston did a great job, looking & patiently finding dark ones. He filled his bucket!! And we only picked for about 40 min!
Of course some sampling happens :), right Madeline!??
Abbie & her sweet friend Presley..
Here's the whole crew with their buckets full....any fuller & spills would happen.. We then poured them all into a BIG bucket to make weighing & transporting home easier... They are so proud of their berries.
My 5 I love love love
Til next year!!!!
OH, maybe I'll find one from last year to add....

Found some! Aren't they cute as pie

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