Monday, June 21, 2010 ballerina.

Just last week my beautiful girl made her appearance on stage again. She loves the stage ;)
That makes her more her dad than her mom.
She was "nervous" because that's the thing to do, (she doesn't really get nervous) and she had to wait a LONG time.
Like backstage at 5:15 prompt. On stage at 8pm. See, long!
She was lovely, graceful & bummer that others in the group got a little stage confused, and missed their cue because it slowed the rest (her) down a bit...she wasn't pleased with the performance.
oH well I said. I loved it. So she was again happy.

No time for a real photo shoot. And no cameras allowed inside.
Don'tcha just love her. I know I do.

When she gets the chance to dance, no need to ask her to smile.
After her performance (glad I only took 1 "date" not the rest of the crew) it was after 9 pm!!
SO late for them & not too many great choices for food. She was S.T.A.R.V.E.D.
Good thing she's easy to please...."turkey sandwich, please"
Here was are after the show...she was cozied up in sweats...doesn't she just look like a dancer
She's a beauty inside & out
**congrats my ballerina!!**

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