Thursday, May 7, 2009


still wrapping my head around it....he's 2BIG. Two is waving goodbye to toddler. No, not graduating but lookin more and more like 3 blinks and college. EEK~ 

He loves his breakfast ASAP in am. OR ELSE!

See my airplane

So, we couldn't celebrate. Not an offical birthday party. Daddy had work, all day, all weekend....but good work. So instead of having a single mom party(bah HUMbug), our party of 5 went out to play
! Boston's gift was an annual family pass to MYMuseum in Monterey. Really it's the best of his worlds, play + my bro & sissys=Boston's favorite anything! 

This is his favorite part. It is quite hard to take an impressive picture but here's the run down....
Balls all over the floor, picked up by lil guys & put in a cylinder then churned up, with a wheel, roll down through shoots, then seperated into conveyor belts into bins then rolled into another hole where another wheel churns them up to a slot that falls into a tube on the ceiling that rolls them to a grid high above a tractor with a rope that eager "farmers" pull to have the balls drop on to the floor again.....repeat. Several times. Get sweaty, hear chuckles of glee as balls fall from the sky. Perfect.

Then there's golf. Balls in holes. Putting, pushing, even dropping in allowed. After all it's a kid zone, then the "par" balls make their way to a hole in the wall below to get gather up for another round. Fun. 

Inside the play house dinner/ lunch/ snack/ breakfast/ tea/ spying/ cooking/ eating (plastic spaghetti) 
is served. 

There is also a random create with bizarre items zone. Parker made a portrait of the birthday boy-cute & creative. What more can you ask for?

Ahhhh, the theater. Costumes, cameras, an audience, backstage, sound effects & much more. Delightful. 

There were many more things including wildlife underground, treehouse, boat, firetruck with turn-outs, ambulance with patient, hospital emerency surgery (think OPERATION game large) workbench house, giant bubble machine that fills you inside!! So much fun to be had. 

Especially a lil guy that makes the rest of us grateful he is here. Even if he is 2 & growing.....

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