Thursday, May 7, 2009

Inside peek to our living room.

OK- for the 2 people that regularly check my lil blog. TY, I don't post often because I don't know what is interesting to these broadband wires. 

But I read an adorable mom's blog in Arkansas of all places... and she is hosting a SHOW US YOUR HOMES FRIDAY. This friday is living room week. 
-----so here's mine. It's cozy, it comfy, it's not decorated but lived in. Our home is small, cottage size really... but we love it. Small house, big yard, full hearts.
Living room 101 our house is old ( like 30's) so we have lathe & plaster (spelling??) which has great texture. I painted it a few years ago to my favorite neutral (Sherwin Williams used to carry Martha colors, this one is Shortbread)

In the photo above the bookshelf----YUP , all cookbooks. And I've recently thinned them out. Jeez-O.  I love love love this book case. It came from a store in Pacific Grove, CA that is closed now & I OH SO WISH I had the builders name. It has slight distressing and movable shelves to whatever size you want. Love that. The lil rocker used to be mine :) but got painted white around 10 yrs ago. 

As you can see, its night time. No one awake to bring out more stuff to play I said we live in our house, nothing is just to "show". 

Chairs-one from IKEA love it. Cheap & replaceable slipcover for about $40. The other is Dream Rocker from PotterybarnKids that my sweetie bought me when we had baby #5. I loved it and got the Damask slipcover on ebay. For 1/5 the price in PB. :)

The back wall view. Next to the fireplace.....
Big black mirror that was painted not matching. A huge pile of magazines underneath. I LOVE to read magazines....they make me happy. Seriously, relaxed & happy.  So I save lots of them & sort through them regularly to purge! Favorite ones keep sending notices that they've stopped publishing....sad. So, I'm glad I kept a few. Like Cottage Living, Wondertime, Country Home, Simple Scrapbooks. I still have Real Simple & Everyday Foods. Love those. 

This is the table by the door. Our entry way if you will.....
Photos of us all, a book or two and  a note from my sweet girl Abbie about being a Mother that Rocks....seems appropriate for the holiday & I usually have seasonal stuff on here. I tend to rotate around my things quite a bit. 

I love seeing kids handwriting. Another special way to affirm how what they make is precious. And how girls love to write notes! :)

ok, that's it. I didn't shoot the back wall because the rooms is a bit outta balance right now. We have a HUGE canvas of Todd that was displayed when he was showcased at Pebble Beach Food & Wine event. It's gigantic & cool, but not fitting for show it off Fri. Unless next fri is show off Mr.? I think not!


  1. I WISH I had a full bookcase like that!

  2. Your living room is so cute and I love that piece that you painted!! So cute and great for storing things!

  3. Your living room is so adorable and so cozy! Made me feel right at home! Great job

  4. love the bookcase! i also love the black table thingy!

  5. Lovely room! I like the coffee table and bookcase.

  6. Coming over from Kelly's Korner! I'm having a great time looking at all of the living rooms! Love your living room!

  7. I love your coffee table. Where is it from???

  8. Stopping by from Kelly's.
    Your house is cute & cozy. I love it!

  9. You livignroom is so cozy! I love the dragon fly on the coffee table! Thanks for sharing!