Saturday, May 9, 2009

what makes my day....

Being a Mother of course!
She's my girl. Of course, duh. But I mean she's me only "ditto" & now that we see more eye to eye (literally not figuratively) she also likes Iced Tea & I like D.Coke. We're a pair, we are....more to come on that one. 
I adore this picture, which says a lot b/c I don't use that word with my own face involved often. However, when you see your son change before your eyes it's dramatic. Maybe it's not the picture I adore but the kid. 
Sweet thing. Oh I LOVE her age. She's totally fun & still thinks momma is the best thing in the world. That will change, and it breaks my heart so I am filling it up with her notes, drawings, cuddles, hugs, treats, cards while I can. Family cheerleader & she's mine. 
My Yiyine, My Madeline. She just wanted to sit on the floor in my lap & have a popsicle.... how could I not? I love that we get to hang out all day...I'm gonna miss her when she's off to kinder-darn school takes away my sweetTHINGS.
The end of it all, the lil man, the baby, the caboose. What's not to wanta squeeze about this kid! He is just yummy....

Thanks guys for making me who I am & I love you------>~Momma

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