Thursday, October 29, 2009

Questions & Answers....

I often get asked the same questions.....How tall ARE you? How did you guys meet?How many kids do you have?How are you not 500 lbs!Who cooks at home? What's it like to be married to a chef? Do you cook for him, are you nervous to make things for him? Is he hard to please? Do you eat like this every night? Do you eat EVERYTHING? What do your kids eat?Does he critic everything when you go out to restaurants?that's kinda the reason for this post.....
this is a quick trip to the store...........let me emphasize quick............

Answers-kinda....more like, first 5 kids + super-star love of my life = constant To Do. Lots of laundry, many groceries & countless errands. We got married so long ago, neither of us remember B.W......before wedding. So, no I'm not nervous to cook for him. He's actually is quite easy to please. And he LOVES when someone else cooks for him, he appreciate the time effort & energy behind making a meal for someone......Also helps that a tuna sandwich-made just the way he likes it is his favorite late night after work haven't eaten all day food.He loves to cook at home & especially with the kids! No they don't eat EVERYTHING. But they do eat a lot. Sushi. Green stuff. Piled high with crunch things sandwiches made for a man-size lake day meal. Fish. Clams. Soups for lunch to school. Chinese, thai, mexican, spanish, vietnamese, japanese (miso soup is a staple & should be everywhere)....there is something on every menu. Why do you ask, because we let them try everything. Disliking is okay, not trying is unacceptable. Yes, like kids dislike without tasting, because other kids tell them to or make EWWWWW noise, or looks wierd...whatever. Still keep at it. Kids all over the globe eat so many different things, they weren't born different just given different tastes to try. Keep trying, get them in the kitchen, that makes them take pride in what they've made & more likely to try it. Also keep comments to yourself- we influence our kids just because we have opinions-shhhh! I don't like raw squash or dates. But they can! Todd hates bananas (yep, wierd huh?) However all the kids like em. Go figure!

Im 5'11'' and have 5 kids, married 15 years & LOVE food! Love to have a glass of wine while I putter making dinner. Love to eat most things, learned a lot along with him simply because we've been together since we were both 18-learned it all by eachothers side. I love to eat out. Sometimes we plan vacations around where we're going to eat! We've had meals take over 5 hours....ordered so much that the kitchen staff came out to see who we were & consider dining as "homework". Cool write-off huh!

Back to the picture- I get more people looking at what's in my cart! At first I got kinda embarrassed. But now, whatever! Here's the thing, I know that I am my kids teacher. I teach them manners, disicpline, love & nutrition, along with lots of other things. I try to keep our house full or at least stock it with options that are good for them. Yes, it's a challenge. Yes, there is pudding in my cart. It makes a great dessert for lunches, protein + calcium & it's portable. I have never bought white bread. Fiber & colors are my first line of defense against the American palate. Fiber- remember an apple a day, it's true. Colorful, think along the lines of colors while your in the produce department. My favorite thing right now is greek yogurt-YUM with blueberries & drizzled in honey. I control the sugar & already fruit, fiber, antioxidants & protein. There are so many colors & each one seems to have a different health benefit....yes kinda a tangent but for good reason.

So I can hear it's all roses! Ok, here's the parts that are not so fun. Schedule, he works when most are home. Why because people throw parties on weekends, weddings on weekends, dinners at night etc. SO no he doesn't cook for us every night. I wish! He used to work most holidays too, for fact 3 years ago was the first Mother's Day I didn't spend the day just me and the kids. He'd always worked. Not all roses, but lots for sure :)

Ok, enough already....back to life for today!

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