Friday, October 30, 2009

BOO! Halloween Parties & Costumes!

Just a quick post for today. The kids had Halloween Parties, 2 of which I helped with & then a parade and min. day too!
5th grade Halloween Party- so fun! Here's a quick pic of Parker & Momma after we got all set. Lots of "in theme" orange food! Best part was, they all loved the party (it's hard to please the cool crowd of 10 year olds!)
Here's my ghost-y cupcakes!!

This is one of the FUNNNNNIEST costumes I have ever seen! Yes, she's a bag lady. (Not my kid) And she went all out! That's Mackenzie in the WonderWoman & her friend Nikki The Bag Lady, she even borrowed (with permission!) a grocery cart for all her books, lunch, a purse with toothpaste & toothbrush, and extra bags of course! So creative.

Oh the irony of middle school. Size. Genetics. Not much you can do about it. But funny!
Check out Kenzie & our pal Spencer....yes they are in the same grade. Funny.Abbie my sweet 3rd grader, and a great 50's poodle girl! She loved it and wore her Kaiya Eve pettiskirt under- All we had to buy was the cat eye glasses, love that!
Parker: 5th doesn't like evil, scary, bloody, horror costumes. And we have a hard time coming to a compromise every year. This was my idea, he loved it. Then I had to make it! Basically he is being attacked by spiders crawling all over him......creepy fun! And still cool for 5th grade :)
My favorite costume of them all-EVER! I adore this costume. Adore it. Can't remember if I found it for #2 or #3 kid. So, it's been worn several times! It is The Gap Bear. Its cozy, washable, lined with t-shirt material, little ears, and a little tail. And its the last year any of my kiddos can fit :(
Seriously kinda sad about it.....lots of things are "lasts" lately. HoooHum....
OK that's it for costumes.... Add Madeline the Lady Bug tomorrow for the big TRICK OR TREAT!

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  1. SOOOOO Cute... Your Photos are wonderful, LOVE the Ghost cupcakes!